How long has The Pied Piper been in business?

Since 1935. We are the only Pied Piper in California. We are a family-owned business.

How do we start up a pest service?

Give us a call at 1–800-834–4034, complete our online form, or chat with us now by clicking the green help button on the right side of your screen! We will contact you and set up a free estimate by our trained and licensed professionals.

How do we know when our next service is?

For “set date“ customers an email is sent out 5 days before your scheduled service – reminding you of your service date. Also, on your current service invoice that gets emailed to you (or mobile receipt), look for the “Next Service Date:” where it is also stated.

How can we pay our invoice?

We offer auto payments for our customers. If you place a credit or debit card on file, our fully encrypted technology (for your protection) can process payment the minute our service technician completes your service. Your emailed invoice will reflect this payment. Hand-delivering a check to a technician also notifies our office and is recorded at the time of service. For those who prefer sending a check, we provide pre-addressed envelopes upon the completion of our service. Our online payment feature is also available.

How much does a pest control service cost?

We offer a variety of service plans depending on the frequency of the service and size of the property. Monthly plans start at $55.50 and bi-monthly plans start at $82.50. Several more plan options are available. A free estimate is recommended so we can identify the current and potential pest concerns and provide an accurate pest program to best suit your needs.

Are services guaranteed?

Yes, all services come with a guarantee. One-time services come with a 30 day guarantee and customers who have a maintenance plan get year-round guaranteed service. We will come back and retreat in between your regular services as needed.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes, we have learned that the best advertising comes from our own customers. We offer an $80 credit to your account if you refer a friend or family member and they sign up for a Pied Piper maintenance plan.

I‘ve noticed an increase in pest activity since we were serviced yesterday, why?

Often times after we treat, our materials stir up pest colonies causing a brief increase in activity. Once the materials take effect, the activity diminishes and the pest problems are solved. Pests are continually reproducing and looking to build new homes so periodic treatment keeps pests from doing that.

We have children and pets. Are the products you use safe?

Products today are scientifically engineered to only effect pests. When used in accordance with the product label and professionally applied, we can control pests without posing risk to children and pets.

Do you offer specific time frames for service?

Yes, we offer 2 and 4 hour time frames throughout the day. Just request a specific time and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What technologies do you utilize to manage accounts?

Our service technicians carry iPads and utilize a custom Pied Piper application to communicate with the office and our customer's in real time. When a service technician leaves your property, a detailed, time-stamped invoice is automatically emailed to you (often before we even leave your driveway!). Technicians can create extensive notes for each account – providing customization for each customer. In addition to the mobile application, all employees are equipped with a mobile printers if you prefer a printed receipt.

— Kaaren

I have had The Pied Piper for over 20 years, and they have always been very responsive. I live in the Alum Rock foothills, and I have had cockroaches and roof rats, and they did everything to get rid of them, sometimes coming out several days in a row. They always tell me what is going on, offer alternatives to resolving problems, and really try to accommodate my schedule.